Lauri Bleu Neuding

Lauri Bleu Neuding

Why Artist is a separate category

Back in the day, I debated with others the differences between artists and illustrators. Some see distinct dwifferences. For instance, the argument that illustrators are simply prostituting their art has been around awhile. If an artist describes an artwork as "illustrative," it's often an insult.

I think of the identities as two ends of a continuum. On one end are pure (fine) artists. They see art creation as self-expression and are most comfortable expressing their inner vision. On the other end are illustrators. They are more comfortable expressing external visions. Can artists be illustrators or vice versa? Of course and many do both, which is where the idea of a continuum comes in.

So, what is the difference between art and illustration? The purpose of it. Was it created it illustrate an idea? Or was it created to appeal to the senses or make you view the world in a different way. Can an artwork be both? Of course. Artists making a living often create work that appeals to the senses. This begs the question, why have I separated my identity as illustrator from artist?

And finally...

The works I have posted in the Gallery have never been created to serve as illustrations. This is what separates them from my illustration work in the Portfolio. However, all were created to illustrate some idea, whether for a client or just from a keyword or phrase. For anyone who wishes to purcase any of them, contact me.