Lauri Bleu Neuding

Lauri Bleu Neuding

My joy is creating websites

My passion is creating websites that engage and communicate. If along the way I incorporate my other skills, learn something new, and please my client, so much the better. Lately, I've been playing with more sophisticated animations.

Challenge me. See what I can do.

What makes a good designer?

My foundation is in graphic design. That's a good thing. It means that I understand typography and visual communication. However, my skills are also modern and immersed in web design. The world of the web is an everchanging, evolving place. So, as has always been true, I remain a student while also operating as a professional. Nor is my enrichment limited to computers. There is, after all, a wide world out there with rich cultures and history.

Design process

The most important part of the design process is you. You and I are the start of a fabulous team. All that stuff that I do during creation results from successful collaboration with my client.

Quality driven

At all times, I strive for excellence. I am driven to produce the best design or illustration I am capable of. I continually stretch my limits.